Here are some open-source tidbits I developed (some of them really tiny, including a one-liner!).
  • WikiTrust: an author reputation system and text trust system for wikis.
  • Using Latex in OpenOffice: I adapted a package that enables you to use Latex in OpenOffice presentations. The package is very much inspired by the TexPoint package of George Necula, and was originally written by Geoffroy Piroux. This is my own version, with (I believe) improved fonts and symbols.
  • Vec: Extensible, functional arrays for Ocaml. The module provides log-time insertion, deletion, modification, concatenation, and much more. If you have ever missed in Ocaml the flexible lists of Have you ever missed in Ocaml the flexible lists of Python, now you have it in Ocaml, implemented in functional fashion.
  • Converting GMT time into Unix time in Ocaml.  The standard Ocaml library functions do not handle this gracefully.  This works only for times after 1970.  Suggestions / improvements welcome!  I implemented this due to this bug.
  • Emacs fill-sentence. This code implements the emacs command fill-sentence, and binds it with the key ALT-j. fill-sentence fills (or justifies) the current sentence without affecting neighbouring sentences. It is very useful if you, like me, like to begin each sentence on a new line, as it enables you to reflow each sentence individually. To use it, simply add it to your .emacs or your .emacs startup file. The code is courtesy of Joe Fineman - many thanks Joe!