Welcome to my old home page, kept here for historical reasons. 

Here are some of the larger projects to which I am contributing:


Camio is a startup I co-founded that specializes in processing for webcam (and more!) images.  Camio learns what you consider important and gives you intelligent alerts, and makes you whole video history searchable: "humans garden Tuesday" or "humans approaching door", or "car driveway" -- try it! 


CrowdGrader is a tool for peer grading homework.  Students upload their work to CrowdGrader, and grade each other's work.  CrowdGrader assigns students a grade that combines the quality of the students' work, and the quality of the reviews they write for other students' work, thus providing an incentive to provide useful, constructive reviews.  Students learn by being able to compare their work with that of others. 


SimiCheck is a tool for detecting documents and homework similarity.  SimiCheck understands code, text, Word (.docx), pdf, zip, tag, tgz, html, and more, and is able to compare code without being fooled by things like variable renaming and code moves. 

Luca de Alfaro,
Jun 10, 2011, 12:03 AM